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Getting A Foreign Taxi As A Single Woman? Consider This Safety Advice

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As a woman traveling by yourself, traveling overseas can be a thrilling and scary prospect. Your desire to head to a foreign country can be a once in a lifetime experience, but you have to be even more vigilant about remaining safe wherever you go. Hiring a taxi to get around a city can be a smart way to avoid wandering unknown streets or using public transportation alone, but be sure to remain aware of these details so that a taxi can be a safe experience for you:

Find the Driver's ID

Getting to a new place can spark a feeling of excitement and awe as you look around at the sights and the people. When a taxi arrives, it's easy to look out the window without paying much attention to the vehicle you're in. This is a classic mistake that many tourists make; the first task you should be dealing with when you sit in a taxi is to find where the driver's identification is. Their ID or taxi card should be mounted either in the back of the taxi with you or next to the driver on the dashboard. You can use your phone to snap a quick photograph, or you can manually write down identifying information.

Why do this? If you have any problem with the driver or need to exit the vehicle quickly when you contact the taxi company you can reference the appropriate party. Of course, if you leave something important behind in the vehicle, knowing who was driving you can prove very helpful.

Research the Trip

Part of the reason you're hiring a foreign taxi could be that you didn't want to have to concern yourself with figuring out the layout of a particular city. However, to avoid trouble, you should have an approximate time for when you'll be getting to your destination and have some idea of whether the driver is taking you in the right direction. Ask hotel staff for guidance about how far certain places are and look at local maps to pick up the names of streets you could see during the ride.

With these pointers, a foreign taxi can get you where you need to go and you can be safe the whole time. You might even seriously consider researching taxi services local to the places you'll be in during your trip so you can find well-regarded companies and arrange your rides beforehand.