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Planning Your Daughter's Sweet Sixteen? 4 Ways To Make Their Birthday Truly Memorable

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If your teenage daughter is about to turn sixteen, make sure you give them a birthday party they'll remember. There's nothing better than throwing an awesome sweet sixteen party to make sure they feel special. If you've run out of ideas for an over-the-top birthday party, here are four fun ideas for you to try.

1. Take a Limousine Food Tour

If your teenager is turning sixteen, celebrate it with a night of fun dining experiences. Teenagers love to eat, and they love to spend time with their friends. Combine the two by planning a limousine food tour of your town. Arrange to have a limousine take your teen and a group of their closest friends on an excursion through town, with stops at all their favorite restaurants. Don't forget to include the local ice cream shop so they can get their fill of desserts too.

2. Host a Social Media Party

If there's one thing that teenagers love more than food, it's their social media pages. If your teen spends most of their time on their social media pages visiting with friends, use that as the focal point of their sweet sixteen birthday party. Set up several photo booths, complete with plenty of fun props, and watch the fun happen as the kids post their pictures and stories to their social media pages. They can even have a live feed going that will allow them to expand the party to any friends that weren't able to attend the festivities. Once the party is over, your teen will have plenty of memories of their party to last a lifetime.

3. Hire a Personal Chef

If your teen enjoys cooking up special recipes in the kitchen, hire a personal chef to come in for the evening. Your teen and their guests will enjoy tasting the creations that the chef provides. Your teen will also have the opportunity to learn some new cooking tips from the chef.

4. Plan a Weekend Retreat

If you want your teens sweet sixteen birthday party to last longer than a few hours, it's time to plan a weekend retreat. Reserve a block of rooms at a nearby hotel. Make reservations for the spa treatment so that your teen and their friends will enjoy a weekend of pampering. Don't forget to include room service. Room service will ensure that the birthday revelers don't need to worry about what they're going to eat while they're enjoying their weekend retreat. Be sure to bring a couple of the parents along. That way, the adults can enjoy a fun weekend as well.

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