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3 Reasons To Replace Your Delivery Trucks With Cargo Bicycles

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If you run a courier business, then you know how vital reliable transportation can be to the success of your business. While many courier companies rely on delivery trucks to transport their precious cargo, it is in your best interest to consider investing in cargo bicycles instead.

Here are three reasons why making the switch to cargo bikes could be beneficial for your company in the future.

1. Bicycles are more environmentally friendly that delivery trucks.

More and more consumers are expressing an interest in delivery techniques that don't negatively impact the environment. Statistics show that cars and trucks are responsible for emitting roughly 24 pounds of carbon dioxide and other gases that could contribute to global warming for each gallon of gas used.

Since bicycles require no gasoline, they don't emit any harmful gases into the atmosphere. Making the switch from delivery trucks to cargo bikes shows your customers that you care about the environment, and this concern could help you attract new customers in the future.

2. Bicycles can reduce delivery times.

A successful courier, like those at Courier Services by MC Dispatch, has the ability to deliver time-sensitive materials as quickly as possible. When you have your couriers use bicycles to make time-sensitive deliveries, you can greatly reduce the amount of time required to complete each delivery.

With a total of 18,608,297 vehicles on Canada's roadways as of 2005, delivery trucks can easily get mired down in traffic. Since bicycles can travel in dedicated bike lanes alongside traffic routes, they don't have to compete with much traffic at all. Being able to offer faster delivery times could help you attract more clients who need access to time-sensitive courier services.

3. Getting rid of delivery trucks can reduce overhead costs.

Maintaining a fleet of delivery trucks for your couriers can be expensive. It costs $8,698 each year to own and operate a single vehicle. Fuel costs, maintenance costs, and repairs for delivery trucks can quickly eat into the profit produced by your courier company.

Once you make the initial purchase of a bicycle, there is very little cost associated with owning and operating these forms of transportation. Having your couriers switch to cargo bikes instead of delivery trucks will allow you to reduce your overhead expenses and become more profitable as a company.

Take advantage of the benefits that can come from transitioning your courier services from the use of delivery trucks to cargo bikes in the future.