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How To Interpret "Boat Transportation" When You See It

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Signs posted for “boat transportation” may leave you scratching your head. There are at least three ways you could interpret such a sign, and without additional information, you would have to guess which of these three the sign means. Two of those interpretations may be of interest to you if you intend to travel by boat over water. The last meaning applies only to boats and has nothing to do with your personal self being transported. Read More»

Starting A Landscape Supply Business? Avoid Headaches With These Smart Shipping Tips

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Starting a landscape supply business can be a great investment. However, one of the biggest headaches that comes with creating a supply business is getting the products where they need to be in the right amount of time and in the right fashion. Follow these tips to help you avoid growing pains and shipping mishaps that can drive potential customers away. 1. Use a shipping or transportation broker. When providing bulk supplies to landscape companies in the area (and to private homeowners doing their own projects), you need to have the right supplies at the right time, and you also need to stay on top of bulk orders that companies make online or over the phone. Read More»

Are You Concerned About Motion Sickness On Your Helicopter Ride?

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Some people envision riding in a helicopter as a fun experience. Others think of it as an endeavor that might induce nausea. If you’re scared that your upcoming ride in a helicopter will have you grabbing onto the trash can and holding your stomach – rather than looking out the window with wonder – here are some things to consider. Most People Who Have Motion Sickness Do Suffer Nausea in a Helicopter Read More»