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How To Interpret "Boat Transportation" When You See It

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Signs posted for "boat transportation" may leave you scratching your head. There are at least three ways you could interpret such a sign, and without additional information, you would have to guess which of these three the sign means. Two of those interpretations may be of interest to you if you intend to travel by boat over water. The last meaning applies only to boats and has nothing to do with your personal self being transported. Take a closer look, and then use your environment to determine clues that help you figure out what this sign really means. 

You Can Go by Boat 

When you want to travel from one point to another, and your choices are "water taxi" or boat (which is essentially the same thing), the boat transportation meant here is that you are the one in need of transportation by watercraft/boat. Maybe you are taking a water taxi from your resort to the theme parks near your resort and water taxi is how this company operates. Maybe you are going from Florida's mainland to the Keys, which can only be accessed by boat (even if you use the really long bridge connecting some of the keys, the bridge ends). Perhaps you are taking a cruise, in which case you are engaging in transportation by boat while you enjoy the onboard amenities and entertainment. 

You Can Ferry Your Way Across

There are several locations in the United States where the only way you are going to get your car from an island to the mainland and back again is via car ferry. This "boat transportation" is helping you move something that is a land vehicle from one land location to another, one of which is surrounded by and isolated by water. Two examples that come to mind are the Manhattan ferry in New York City and the Washington Island ferry in Wisconsin. 

You Can Ship Your Boat Anywhere

Finally, this sign could mean that you are close to a shipping company that makes arrangements to ship your personal watercraft anywhere you want to take it. In this sense, "boat transportation" means that you are transporting the boat itself to another location, over land and/or by water. If this is the actual transportation service you seek, it is likely that this kind of company will heavily advertise their services, whereas the other companies may not advertise quite as much. 

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