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3 Reasons To Use A Shipping Service To Move Your Car When Moving To Canada

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If you are preparing for an upcoming move to Canada, then you could be wondering about the process of bringing your car across the border. You can attempt to do this yourself, of course, but you do have other options. You may want to use a shipping service to move your car across the Canadian border, for example, for these three reasons and more.

1. Your Car Has to Clear Customs

One thing that some people don't realize is that paperwork has to be done when you move a car across the border. Your car might also be inspected during this process. If you aren't accustomed to taking things across the border or if you don't really understand the laws about shipping a car across the border, then you might not be prepared for this process, and you could be concerned about your car not making it through customs. If you use a car shipping service that regularly moves cars across the border, then you will have help with this. Then, you can help ensure that your car is approved to be brought across the border, and you can avoid all of the stress of handling it yourself.

2. You Have to Worry About Crossing Customs Yourself

Not only do you have to have paperwork to bring your car across the Canadian border, but you have to worry about crossing customs yourself. You may need to provide your own immigration paperwork, and you might have to answer questions when you prepare to cross the border. Worrying about crossing the border yourself while also handling the paperwork for your car might seem to be too much at once. If you travel separately from your vehicle, then you only have to worry about handling the immigration paperwork that you have to handle for yourself. During a potentially stressful and exciting time, this can be helpful and can help you keep your stress levels down.

3. Driving May Not Be Your Best Transportation Option

Depending on where in Canada you are moving to, where you are moving from, and what your deadline is for getting moved to your new home in Canada, driving there in your car might not be your best form of travel. It might make more sense for you to fly to your new home, for example, since it might take too long for you to drive there. If you use a car shipping service, you can travel separately in a way that is most convenient for you. Then, the shipping service will get your car to you later on.

To learn more, contact a company that offers cross border auto transport in your area.