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Guaranteed Response And Total Control - Advantages Of Owning Your Own Water Truck

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The oil and natural gas industry continues to be the backbone of the global economy, so if you operate an oilfield, it's important that you're able to respond to all workplace needs as quickly and completely as possible. While equipment rental services and water truck operators perform a vital service, the opportunity to own your own water trucks can be extremely beneficial, and should be considered.

Below, you'll find a guide to some of the advantages of ownership. If you're currently finding yourself frustrated by having to rely on an outside firm for this vital service, then some of the positives listed below may be enough of a push to allow you to finally receive the care and responsiveness you desire.

Size Control

If you're working with an outside water truck service, you may be at the mercy of their inventory. If your dust contamination is relatively minor or if you have limited access to water, you may still be forced to accommodate a large volume truck and then have to deal with major drainage concerns after the fact.

Purchasing your own truck, however, allows you to choose the correct size for your field. This can be a major productivity advantage, as it can not only allow you to more tightly control the available water on your job site, but it can also prevent extended shutdowns as you attempt to clear unnecessary overflow.

Quick Response

The shifting environmental conditions on the plains can be difficult to handle, and a sudden dust storm can leave you scrambling to create a clean and clear work space. Relying on an outside firm for a water truck, however, leaves you struggling to stay on schedule and can substantially hamper your production goals.

When you own your own truck, you can respond as quickly as you desire. Having your water truck constantly on standby is the best way to guarantee that you maintain total control over your work space at all times.

Guaranteed Maintenance

There's nothing more frustrating than renting a piece of equipment or reaching out to an outside vendor only to be felled by a technical problem. When the maintenance of vital equipment is outside of your control, the feeling of helplessness can be almost overwhelming. Owning your own water truck means you're responsible for its upkeep, but it also means that you can be confident that the maintenance is performed regularly, correctly, and in a way that guarantees you're always ready to go. Contact a business, such as KWI, for more information.