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Shipping Restrictions That Even Couriers Have To Follow And Why

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If you need to ship something to another province or ship it internationally, you should quickly become familiar with courier services (such as those from A-Dash Messenger Service courier service) and the restrictions that affect their ability to ship items for you. By becoming familiar with these services, you can make the best decision about how to ship a letter, envelope or package and feel confident that your item will get to its destination on time and without interference. The following information can act as a guideline as you become familiar with couriers, the services they provide and the restrictions to which they must adhere.  

No Flammables or Explosives

Couriers are not your typical shipping agents in that they are able to get a package or envelope to a destination in just minutes or a few hours. However, that does not mean they have any special rules for shipping flammables or explosives. They have to adhere to the same rules that the Post does. Absolutely nothing flammable nor potentially explosive may be shipped, by courier or regular post, ever. 

No Body Parts Unless the Courier Is Certified for Transport of Medical Containers and Donor Transplant Organs

Just like the Post, couriers are also not allowed to ship body parts, and with obvious good reason. Parts that are not labled "donor organs" could be part of a crime. Couriers may only ship donor organs for tranpslant IF they are certified and licensed by the provincial and/or federal governments to do so. Additionally, the transport of organs by a courier is usually handled by the hospital that removed the donor organs from a deceased patient and has filled out the proper paperwork to place the organs in clearly-labeled coolers before sending them off with couriers on planes or helicopters. 

No Loaded Firearms  

Firearms may only be shipped from a seller directly to a buyer, and only after adequate licensing and documentation is presented to the seller. There is an additional requirement in that loaded firearms may not be shipped either. Since these guns are loaded into the cargo hold of a plane by the courier company and the airline, they need to have empty ammunition chambers so that they are not accidentally triggered during landing procedures or when the plane encounters turbulence in the air. A rupture in the plane from bullets could result in a drop in air pressure and a crash. Very strict procedures are required for pick up and delivery of the weapons once they arrive at their destination airport as well.