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Throwing The Ultimate Kid's Birthday Party: Three Ways To Use A Party Bus For Your Event

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When it comes to planning birthday parties for kids, parents try hard to come up with unique and creative ideas. One fun option is to rent a party bus for the day. There are lots of different ways you can use a party bus to make your child's party a memorable one. Here are just a few fun ideas to inspire your party planning.

Bus It To The Zoo

A day at the zoo can give your little one a full day of fun, and renting a party bus can make life a little easier on the parents. Rent a bus with plenty of room for all the kids and their parents, and arrange to have the bus pick up the group at a specific location. Parents won't have to worry about finding parking at the zoo, and they can enjoy every aspect of the party as much as the children do. Ask your limo rental company about a party bus with an animal print interior to add to the theme of the event, and consider playing a zoo-themed soundtrack during the ride.

Plan A Scavenger Hunt

You can create a scavenger hunt with clues to different locations in your neighborhood for the children to solve. Give the bus driver an itinerary of the places you'll be stopping at, and prepare a list of clues for each parent and child. The kids can work together in groups to solve the clues while on the bus, and the team to solve each clue can win a prize. The bus can travel to each location, where everyone can leave the bus for a short adventure. They can then get back on the bus to solve the next clue on the list.

Royalty For The Day

Princess bus parties can give your little ones the chance to play royalty for the day. Let the party bus be their carriage, and encourage all of the kids to dress up like their favorite princesses. Plan unique stops, such as a royal makeover at a local salon or tea and cakes at a local restaurant. As a fun addition to this theme, have the bus pick up each child at his or her home, and roll out a red carpet for the children to walk across as they board the bus. Be sure to take plenty of pictures and share them with parents after the party.

Party buses don't have to be for adults only. Use these ideas as inspiration and create a full-day adventure for your little ones aboard an exciting party bus. For more information, contact a local party bus company like Arrow Limousine & Sedan Services Ltd