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Tips For Seeming Like A Taxi-Travel Veteran

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If you've never taken a taxi or have only used this method of transportation on rare occasions, you might lack confidence in stepping off the curb, waving your arm and flagging down a passing taxi driver. It's important to avoid letting your inexperience get the better of you; whether you're at home or travelling, taxi travel provides a number of conveniences. Riding in a taxi is like riding a bicycle — the more you do it, the easier it will get. If you're concerned about appearing like a taxi-travel novice, here are some tips that will boost your confidence by portraying you as a seasoned taxi traveller.

Confirm The Destination Before You Get In

Seasoned taxi travellers know the importance of confirming the destination with their driver before committing to the ride. Don't hop into the vehicle, wait for it to pull off — and for the meter to be turned on — and then start explaining where you wish to go. Whether you're hailing a taxi on a busy road or walking up to a driver outside the airport, talk to the driver about your destination before getting into the vehicle. Taxi-travel veterans will ensure that the driver knows the destination or the neighborhood, and this will alleviate any concern about a wrong turn along the way.

Ask About Any Surcharges On The Route

If you're travelling to a certain part of the city, the driver might be forced to pay a surcharge — for example, when going on a toll road or while crossing a toll bridge. These charges are added to your taxi fare. To avoid being surprised by the inclusion of such charges upon reaching your destination, it's a smart idea to ask if there will be any such fares during your trip. You'll often encounter them, for example, on the way to the airport in some cities.

Make Requests Along The Way

You'll feel like an experienced taxi passenger if you're not shy about making any questions on the way to your destination. Whereas the taxi novice will typically just sit silently throughout the journey, the taxi-travel veteran will feel confident about asking the driver to turn up or turn down the heating or air conditioner, open or close a window or even turn down the radio. It's your right as a passenger to be comfortable during your ride, and feeling confident to make these requests will make you feel like a seasoned traveller.

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