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A Minivan Can Be A Viable Method Of Airport Transportation For You And Your Family

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If you're traveling by air with your family, one of the things that you'll need to consider is how you'll get from the airport to your hotel, resort, or wherever you'll be lying your heads at night. It's a good idea to contact a local airport transportation service, such as Chicago's Private Car and Limo, that operates at the airport at which you'll be arriving. One of the questions that you'll be asked is about the type of vehicle in which you'll be picked up. Although many airport transportation users opt for limos, town cars, and other higher-end rides, you should give some serious consideration to a minivan. Here are some reasons that this vehicle is a good choice.

Ample Seating

One of the biggest advantages of selecting a minivan as your method of airport transportation is its seating capacity. As you'll know if you drive a minivan yourself, this type of vehicle is highly conducive to carrying families. If you have two adults and three or more children, a town car is very crammed — and it might seem a bit much to rent a limo for the occasion. With a minivan, the adults and children who make up your family will be able to travel in comfort from the airport to wherever you need to get.

Interior And Exterior Storage

Another big perk to choosing a minivan for your transportation between the airport and your destination is its considerable storage. Minivans offer some of the best storage volume of any type of vehicle, which may be necessary if your family is large and your trip will be long. In such a scenario, you may have several suitcases that need to be stowed in the vehicle, and this may exceed a town car's storage capabilities. Additionally, if you're traveling with recreational gear such as skis, many airport transportation minivans are equipped with roof-mounted storage pods to carry such oversized items.


Although each airport transportation service prices its vehicles differently, you'll often find that selecting a minivan is a cost-effective idea. You'll often pay more for a limo, SUV, or other upscale vehicles. Despite all of the benefits of selecting a minivan, it's not generally regarded as luxury. This means that many transportation services price their minivans competitively. It's ideal to save money on transportation when you're traveling with your family, as you'll have more funds to go toward activities, food, and other things on your trip.