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Three Family Reunion Trip Tips

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Family reunions are special events which can make relatives even closer. For some time to truly experience each other, a multi-day trip is ideal. This can seem like a challenge to pull together, but with the trip tips below, the reunion will be fantastic.

Plan Early

A common challenge for anyone planning activities for groups of any size is finding times and dates that work for everyone. People may have different work schedules or school dates, for instance. That's why planning well in advance is critical for a family reunion trip. Try to give everyone a few months or more to figure out how they will be able to attend. It will give you some time to help them or adjust dates if you need to.

Use Charter Buses

An obstacle for many people who want to go on a trip is the transportation it requires to reach the destination. If your family is like many, there are some people who don't drive or don't have the money to pay for airfare or other transportation costs. Charter buses can rectify many of these issues.

With a charter bus or two, you can make it much easier for everyone to come along. In some cases, it might be possible to swing by and pick up a few relatives. A private charter bus will only carry you and your relatives, so no one has to worry about sitting near strangers. During the ride, everyone can talk or rest. You don't have to worry about whether anyone will get lost or arrive to the destination on time. You may ask everyone to pitch in for the cost of the buses so that a few people don't bear too much responsibility.

Plan Alone Time

Going somewhere together means that you've got plenty of groups to go sightseeing, spend time at the hotel pool or sit at the bar for a few drinks. In fact, you may plan special dinners or outings for the entire family. However, remember to leave some time open. Older relatives may need to rest a bit during the day and couples with small children may want to nap them without missing out on the fun. Do your best to leave some "alone" time available each day.

A reunion trip can please everyone and encourage people to plan for more trips later on. Talk to cousins, siblings and other relatives to crystallize a plan that will satisfy your whole family