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3 Tips for Getting Your Minibus Rental Right

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When it comes to a special event, you want to make sure that everyone gets to the event. If your event includes multiple stops, you will want to work with an event transportation service that can provide you with a minibus for your event. With a special event with multiple stops, having a smooth experience is all about planning.

Tip #1: Plan Out Your Route

First, you are going to want to plan out your route for your event. You are going to need to have a central pickup location for your group. The parking lot of your business or a hotel or satellite parking lot is a good choice. From there, you will want to plan the route to get to each of your destinations for the event. You are also going to need to plan how to get back to your starting point.

Share your route early with the event transportation company. They may have suggestions about your route that will make it easier for the driver. They may also need to work with you on finding parking near your event.

Tip #2: Be Smart About Pickup and Dropoff Locations

When it comes to your pickup and drop-off locations, you need to do more than pick them out; you need to check them out. Ensure that there is somewhere for the minibus to pull up that will allow the passengers to disembark and get back on the bus safely. Avoid putting the passengers in a dangerous situation with loading and unloading. You may need to ask the establishments you are going to about the bus's best place to drop off and pick you, everyone, up.

Tip #3: Add in Enough Time

As you plan out your schedule, be sure to add in enough time. Give yourself a large window for the initial pickup period where everyone is meeting up. At each drop-off and pickup location for your event, allow adequate time for everyone to get back to the bus. Don't pack everything so tight that you are stressing or putting your bus driver under stress. Add enough wiggle room into your schedule to keep things smooth and reduce stress. Remember that it can take a bus longer than a passenger vehicle to get between destinations and park. Work with the bus rental company to verify that your timing on the schedule is realistic.

When planning an event where you are transporting a group to multiple stops, you will want to rent a minibus. You will want to plan out your route in detail, account for timing, and make sure each pickup and drop-off location is safe for the bus and the passengers.