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3 Great Features Of Handicap-Accessible Vans

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If you're in the market for a handicap-accessible van rental, then there are a few things you'll want to look for before you make a final decision. While everyone's needs and preferences are different, handicap-accessible vans sport a variety of features that improve everything from safety to comfort. Take a look below at just three of the most popular ones that you'll likely want to keep in mind. 

Touch Controls

Touch controls are a must if you're going to be renting a handicap-accessible van. Older vans will have the standard lineup of touch controls on all seats that can recline seats, lower windows, and activate climate control. Newer vans have touch control technology that goes beyond this, including fully loaded touch-screen panels that offer total control over side- and rear-entry access, as well as electric tie-down systems. Having command over every aspect of your van with just the touch of a finger makes both riding and driving that much less of a hassle.

Function Extensions and Relocations

If you're looking for a handicap-accessible van, you may likely benefit from a variety of functions that feature extensions or relocations. Some common examples for drivers include keyless ignition, remote turn signals, and pedal extensions. Because every driver's specific needs vary, be sure to consult with your chosen van rental company about which features can be added or taken out in order to give you the safest and most enjoyable driving experience. When it comes to function customization, your options are virtually limitless.

Van Access

One of the biggest features you'll have to consider when renting a handicap-accessible van is how you or your passengers will access the interior. Thankfully, there are many options on the market today, with ramps and lifts being the two biggest categories. Ramps can be easily configured for both manual and automatic wheelchairs and are perfect for those who parallel park more often than not. That said, they may only be offered with full-size vans. Lifts are usually deployed as either arms or platforms and are often considered a quieter, more efficient alternative to ramps. Some lifts take up a good deal of interior space, but many handicap-accessible vans feature lifts on the exterior of the vehicle. Regardless of whether a ramp or lift is better for you, having immediate and reliable access to your van is something that should be prioritized. 

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