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4 Important Features Your New Utility Trailer Should Have

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Utility trailers come in many shapes and sizes. A variety of features are available on many models, and some can even be customized for specific uses. So, choosing a new utility trailer to invest in can be confusing and stressful. Knowing some of the best features to look for can help make the comparison job easier. Here are important features that the new utility trailer you invest in should offer:

Available Add-Ons

One of the most important features your new utility trailer should have is the ability to add extra equipment and accessories onto it. While you may require the use of only a basic utility trailer predominantly, there may come times when you want to install some add-ons to better accommodate your needs. Some of the add-ons to look for include:

  • Side Steps
  • LED Lights
  • Lockboxes
  • Waterproof Covers

Some trailers also create their designs to accommodate ladders and ramps that securely latch to the sides for easier access to the base.

Treated Flooring

Whether the flooring of your new utility trailer is wooden, steel, or aluminum, it should be treated to ensure that it does not succumb to rain, sleet, snow, dirt, and debris as time goes on. Debris and dirt can cause scratches, while the weather elements can result in rusting and water damage as time passes. A treated floor will help to keep scratches and rusting to a minimum so that your trailer stays in good shape even after years of use.

A Ramp Tailgate

Another important feature that your new utility trailer should offer is a ramp tailgate. Any time you pull the tailgate down, it acts as a ramp so that you can easily wheel items off the trailer and save your back some pain. When you do not need the ramp, the tailgate should roll underneath the trailer and stay out of your way. Make sure that the ramp has ridges on it to prevent slips and falls when the weather is not great outside.

Rustproof Side Rails

The side rails on your utility trailer will be there for as long as the trailer's life. They are typically not removable, and if they succumb to damage, it can cost a lot of money to have them repaired or replaced. Therefore, the side rails should be made of rustproof material or treated with several clear coats of rust-resistant paint to minimize the risk of damage over time. 

For more information about utility trailers, contact a supplier.